Job Description

The association of the Paris Philharmonic started the construction of a new concert hall with 2,400 seats in the Parc de la Villette in the northeast of the capital. The building will be built on the innovative design of the Atelier Jean Nouvel. The Paris Philharmonic will be able to receive very large symphony orchestra. The seats of the concert hall will not be located only in front of the stage, they will be all around it. Thus a closer connection between the musicians and the audience is made. The complex will cover a floor space of 20,000 sqm. These include in addition to the large concert hall foyers, rehearsal rooms, administrative offices for several orchestras, a teaching area, exhibition areas, a restaurant, facilities for the logistics and the technical equipment and a parking lot.


reference-point network
laserscanner measurements (3D inspections)
construction stakeouts for interior

Basic facts

Concert hall for 2400 guests
Complex with sample halls, rehearsal studios, galleries and restaurants
Construction budget: EUR 340 M
Construction period: until 2014, duration: 5 years